What I Ate Tuesday (Vegan)

Breakfast is a little late getting off the ground because I decide  to soak for awhile and watch my backyard birds at the feeder before launching into the day. The inflatable hot tub spa was my Christmas present and we finally got it set up last weekend. Now I am in there every chance I get.

I end up basically grazing until lunchtime. Half an avocado with salt and pepper, apricots and fresh apple. I just pile it on the corner of my desk for easy access.

At some point I eat a spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar (not shown) but I can’t remember if it was morning or afternoon. Work is so busy–I really should cut up more fruit for tomorrow, because if it isn’t ready to eat, I’m not going to eat it.

On my lunch hour I start a batch of rice-a-rona, from Bad Manners (formerly Thug Kitchen). I’ve read all their cookbooks and listen to their podcast, Forked Up every week. I wouldn’t miss their unique blend of irreverent humor, editorial commentary and food history. Super smart kids.

I had some fresh broccoli already washed in the fridge and cut it up in bite-size pieces. In the last seven minutes of cook time I added the broccoli and it steamed perfectly. I was reminded of  this simple tip from David Lynch, believe it or not David Lynch’s Quinoa With Broccoli

Another basic salad, this time I add a few crumbles of tofu scramble from Sunday’s breakfast and enjoy a few minutes peace and quiet on a warm, sunny day.

Late afternoon I heat a bit of tomato dal thawed from the freezer for just this occasion and drop in a dab of Indian chutney. I love soup.

Dinner is a little later because we have errands after work, but having made the rice in the afternoon all I do is heat it up along with these ready-made saucy soy pieces from Whole Foods Steve likes.

Don’t get me wrong–I like them too, but for him they are a destination food. They are really tasty and remind us of those sticky-sweet Chinese spareribs we used to get from the takeout place. I chop them up smaller and mix them in like fried rice.

After dishes I cut up fruit for the week so we will actually eat it and sample Steve’s breakfast cereal he picked out. Pretty good. Not too sweet. Super crunchy.

So–another day in food. I know I am incredibly fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from home. I plan to make the most of it. Document it. Because who knows if it will last. I may be required at some point to move into an office if they reopen. 

My plan is to work from home as long as they will let me.

And to enjoy every minute of it.