The Music of The Mundane

I am thankful to all of you who take the time to share what you are creating or thinking or feeling. I find a comforting music within the mundane. An appreciation for the simple rituals of daily life. I see this reflected here and it is heartening. Gives me hope.

I am discovering so much well-styled and attractive food photography here on WordPress this time around. I am impressed and well, just a little bit wistful. I miss that form of engagement so much now I am working in a job that is so rigid and anything but creative.

One of my first blog images..

Since 2012, when I started this blog –and in the between times when I wasn’t writing or cooking or sharing–I would always come here, just to read. To be inspired, educated, entertained.

Things were kind of dwindling when I fell away hard from this site, probably in late 2019. There seemed to be at that time this mass exodus to other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. I started to get the feeling that blogging was ‘over’.

I dabbled in making my own cooking videos a few years ago and creating daily Instagram posts, but I just couldn’t keep it up. Too much work!

Maybe, just maybe at some point I will return to creating and styling my own food images again. For now, it is enough to be here–entertained and inspired by all of you.

Keep on blogging!



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