About Melanie


Melanie daPonte is a 100% plant-based personal chef living in Palm Beach County, Florida.  She has a passion for healthy lifestyle and delicious, creative cuisine.

She is a graduate of Florida Culinary Institute, a Florida certified food safety manager and holds certification in T. Colin Campbell’s (co-author of the famous China Study) plant-based nutrition program offered by Cornell University.

She refined her craft in the years following graduation from a traditional culinary curriculum based in classical European-style cuisine. From this foundation, she has created a unique  fusion of enlightened methods and ingredients combined with classic recipes both from her education and from her upbringing in a family of southern-style cooks.

Melanie is an advocate for issues related to sustainability, animal welfare,  and safe food production systems. She stays on top of trends in plant-based nutrition and cooking through constant consumption of cookbooks and culinary magazines. She lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Chef Melanie daPonte

Plant-Based Food Specialist

Florida Certified Food Safety Manager

Licensed and Insured

Member United States Personal Chef Association

561-308-9138   mddaponte@comcast.net