What I Ate Today (Vegan)


We decided to ‘wing it’ on this week’s menu at home, meaning I didn’t spend most of Sunday in the kitchen on food prep like I have been doing lately. Which is nice, because sometimes I just feel like doing other things–or nothing at all.

But–we still have to eat, so we did our grocery shopping intuitively this week. Picking up this and that. Foods we like. I’m getting sick of overnight oats, so I bought crispy flake cereal and fresh strawberries that looked good. We picked up pasta sauce in a jar, a few cans of beans, avocados, hummus–you get the idea. 

Sometimes I just prep individual salads for the week using them as a palate for proteins, rice and any other creative improvisations we discover.

One thing I always do is freeze extra soup or entrees in individual portions when I can. It’s like money in the bank on weeks like this.

Here’s what I ate today.

Breakfast. The lovely flakes with almond milk. A nice change, but not something I would eat all the time.

Snack. These are my favorite dried apricots. Sweet, soft and chewy–nature’s candy!

Lunch. A simple salad with a bit of jerk tempeh I found in the freezer and avocado chunks along with a random strawberry leftover from breakfast–for color.

On my lunch break I tossed a pound of sliced mushrooms in the crockpot with a bit of garlic and olive oil followed by a jar of Muir Glen marinara sauce and two Field Roast Italian sausages from the freezer. I let that cook down nice for dinner.

Afternoon snack. I ate a slice of pumpernickel with a smear of peanut butter (not shown) and a bit of hummus.

After work I boiled whole wheat angel hair pasta (cooks faster than spaghetti) and we ate bowls of capellini bolognese. The leftovers I packaged in grab and go containers for quick meals.

I gave myself a treat after the dishes were washed. A square (or two) of my homemade peanut butter chocolate fudge. I may share the recipe–it’s so simple and decadent.

After the kitchen was clean I set about cutting up salads for the rest of the week. So much for not cooking. Thing is, when I let myself off the hook I find I don’t mind fitting in just a bit of time here and there at the stove or the cutting board.

Not bad for a day without a plan. Tomorrow I would add more fresh fruit to the menu, but all in all–a pretty good day.


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