Vegan Korean Barbecue (Bulgogi)


I’ve been exploring Korean cuisine this week. I am so pleasantly surprised to find recipe websites featuring vegan Korean food. My favorite is a blog right here on WordPress!

I found this delicious recipe at Vegan 8 Korean blog. Click here for this recipe in its original form.   It’s a vegan version of the classic Korean Bulgogi, a flavorful sesame-soy garlic marinated meat dish. Soy curls lend themselves so well to this dish with their firm yet tender texture, absorbing the flavors perfectly.

The recipe is very quick and easy, too–less than 30 minutes from prep to stovetop to table.


Cover the soy curls with hot water and soak for about 10 minutes, while preparing the rest of the ingredients and start the rice cooking (if using).  Drain curls and allow to cool for a couple minutes, then squeeze out the excess water.


Mix up the marinade ( I added a teaspoon of Korean red pepper powder for a little kick).


Toss the soy curls with marinade and onions


Saute until onions and soy curls are lightly browned and sauce thickens.

beforeReady to Serve

Click here for the full recipe!


  1. I’ve never had Korean food before as it doesn’t seem to be very available in the UK, or at least not where I live. I’d love to give it a try. I think I will try out this recipe with jackfruit in place of the soy curls!

    1. Good luck, Laura! I think the marinade will do fine with jackfruit, tempeh, tofu or even just all veggie. If you are interested– the blog I mentioned is full of interesting information on Korean food and recipes. Thanks for checking out my post!

    1. Soy curls are an interesting product. I rarely see them in stores, but they are available online, through for one. They really have a chew texture that most meat substitutes don’t.

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