Restaurant-Style Marinara


The secret for marinara sauce that tastes like it’s been simmering all day? Tomato paste. The savory-sweet intensity adds depth and richness without the hours of slow-cooking.

What I like best about this recipe? It’s simple and quick to prepare. Oh, and no chopping, except for a little clove of garlic, for which you can substitute 1/4 tsp of granulated garlic if you choose.


Best Marinara Sauce


1 teaspoon Olive oil
1 clove Garlic, minced
½ teaspoon Oregano, dried
¼ teaspoon Thyme, dried
½ teaspoon Salt
14.5 ounces diced tomatoes, in juice
1 tablespoon Tomato paste

1. Saute garlic in oil over medium-low heat about 2 minutes.


Add tomatoes, tomato paste, herbs, salt and pepper all at once stirring together until tomato paste is incorporated.

2. Increase the heat a bit and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring and crushing the tomatoes as you go.


If you like a smoother sauce, just scoop out about half, run it through the blender then return to the pot. Easy!


  1. I just wrote an article about making vegetarian lasagna and I am glad to see others out there making their own sauce. I am definitely going to make some homemade mozzarella sticks and this marinara sauce! I need more vegan and vegetarian recipes so I am excited to see what else you post!

    1. Thanks for the kind comments and the follow 🙂 I’ve been sharing on this blog for five years, so please check out my archives…all vegan, all time-tested recipes I serve my clients and my family!

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