General Tso’s Tofu with Green Tea Soba


I am always looking to veganize recipes. Any recipe. Some of them traditionally feature meat. That doesn’t stop me from subbing out for tofu or tempeh or any other protein…even beans or legumes if the sauce sounds legit.

Here is one such recipe I actually picked up from my daughter Kat’s Facebook timeline. She is not vegan, but enjoys plant-based dishes and loves to cook. We share recipes and ideas all the time. This one looked so good, I simply couldn’t resist.

All I did was switch out the chicken for pressed, cubed tofu. I also would recommend skipping the crock pot and just making the sauce on the stove, because tofu, as it cooks down, does not provide moisture the way chicken does.  I also opted to make my own hoisin sauce, which turned out delicious, by the way 🙂 Just double it, and you will be all set.


I was so proud of my dish, I packed some up to share with Kat :;-)

Here’s the original recipe from General Tso’s Tofu.

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